’04 STi 20mm Rear sway bar

I didn’t get any before shots, but I crawled back under today and got some pictures of the OEM STi 20mm bar installed.

I relied heavily on the Scooby Mods post for installation.

And a big shout out to Annapolis Subaru for the great pricing on brackets and nuts/bolts.

The only tricky part to the installation was the right side mounting bracket. It is extremely difficult to get the bolts past the plastic shield and the hoses from the evaporator. The only real solution is just to simply shove everything out of the way.

Overall: I noticed a significant difference in handling afterwards. The rear end felt a lot tighter. I have to say for a whopping $75 in parts and a few hours of labor (the end link bolts were a major pain), this was an absolutely amazingly awesome mod. I can’t recommend it enough.

Right Side:

Left Side:

Left Side STi Bracket Mount:

Right Side STi Bracket Mount:

Right Side STi Bracket Mount: